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Narberth Surgery

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Our Practice is very rural with an area of 150 square miles and we have approximately 9000 patients. There are seven Partners. Of the Partners, four are full time, one three quarter time and two halftime.

Narberth Surgery is situated in the centre of Narberth. It was built in 1969 and upgraded in 1996, we also provide accommodation for the Community Staff in this surgery.

The practice is a training practice for medical students from Cardiff University and Swansea University completing their GP Module, so we may have a fully qualified doctor training for general practice working with us from September to January and April to May.

The aim of the Practice is to provide a friendly, caring service to our patients...to find out more about Narberth please click here

    My Health Online

    My Health Online is a service provided by National Wales Health Informatics Service that allows you to access your practice online. My Health Online includes a number of optional features, including:

    • Checking, booking and cancelling appointments.
    • Checking your medication and ordering repeat medication.
    • Updating your contact information, including mobile phone number and email address.
    • Sending messages to your practice, so avoiding the need for a phone call for routine enquiries.

    Your practice may not offer all these features. Ask your practice which ones are available.




    Opening Times

    Increase in hostility towards our reception staff

    Phones are ringing off the hook at GP surgeries, every time there is a change in recommendations or advice, medical receptions field calls from concerned people trying to book in to talk to a GP or to raise a query. This is on top of supporting patients and juggling the extra workload required to perform COVID-19 triage, screening and telehealth.

    GP receptionists are considered front line in the primary care COVID-19 response. Their role has changed considerably during the pandemic, taking on functions and learning new skills no one planned for.

    Some people assume medical receptionists “just” answer phone calls, notify doctors when patients have arrived and make follow-up appointments. This not only understates their true impact and influence on the smooth running of our surgery, it does not acknowledge the challenges and pressures of their work.

    Throughout the pandemic, GP receptionists have been at the receiving end of much of the public’s anxieties and frustrations; many receptionists have been providing health and safety advice to patients and the wider community. They are routinely asking patients questions about their travel history and symptoms, and monitoring body temperature to assess the risk of a patient being infected with COVID-19.

    Sadly abusive and aggressive confrontations with patients has become a daily occurrence – please show consideration for our receptionists, who have continued to work tirelessly to provide healthcare to our patients during the pandemic, and we ask that you respect them for the stressful work they do.

    Postponement of blood tests

    There is a UK-wide shortage of blood bottles for taking blood tests, and this is going to affect the service offered by Narberth practice.  All practices have been asked by the Welsh Government and Health Board to prioritise blood tests for the most urgently ill patients and reduce routine blood monitoring where possible.  As a consequence, we may need to postpone your blood tests for a number of weeks, however, please be assured that the decision to postpone any blood test for a patient will only be made on clinical grounds by the medical staff.  Should your blood test be delayed, we will contact you when the shortage of blood bottle has been resolved and your test can be undertaken

    Thank you for your understanding